Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We've been busy renovating and unpacking more great products!!!

Well, the last week or so has gone by soooooo fast!!!  We've been tearing down walls and working on getting more new products out!!  Check out what's happening!!!
Because we're so grateful that we have a great turn out to all of our crops and our classes are filling up, we thought we'd make it more comfortable and roomy for even more people to come :)  Check out the progress we're making in our new cropping area.....

We still have a lot to do to finish it off...more lighting, decorations, another couple of walls to paint but we're hoping it'll be done by the end of this weekend!!
Busy out in the back of the store....and busy in the front!  Check out all the companies we've received new products from!!!  I'll have it all up online tonight and tomorrow.....

There were some backorders with the Websters Pages lines so please watch our online shop to find out exactly what we received.  I'll have it all up there tonight. ( Right after meet the teacher night :))

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OlesyaK said...

oh wow, now I'll just HAVE to come to the next crop! congrats on the renovations!