Monday, June 19, 2017

6x12 Altered Canvas

What a beautiful Monday morning - sun is shining and the rabbits are again playing tag in my back yard.  They are annoying critters but it is very laughable when you watch them chasing each other around in circles.  Anyway, just another sign that summer is here.
So today I would like to share with you a 6x12 canvas that I did (back in the winter) using scrap paper, modeling paste and a stencil as well as some embellishments.  I kept the papers in pastel colours.  Here is the canvas.

I first applied a very thick coat of modeling paste over the entire surface of the canvas.  I also applied a coat of crackle medium mainly along the top and bottom edges of the canvas. When dry I painted the canvas with white gesso - not too heavy - I didn't want to fill in the cracks.
Next I cut my paper into several different sizes, adhered them to the canvas, across the centre, and overlapping them as I went.  I just kept layering and tucking the pieces.

I have a set of the Prima wax crayons - amazing - and decided to use them as an outline around some of the paper pieces.  I used various colours - pink, yellow, green and blue.  I then took a soft paint brush, moistened it and blended the colours with water.  I kept adding the colours here and there.

I then took a stencil and applied modeling paste over the entire surface.  I only used a stencil that had very fine lines on it as I didn't want to cover the papers.

I then very lightly dry-brushed white gesso over the entire surface.  Not too heavy.

Next were the embellishments.  I painted chipboard gates with white gesso and some chipboard leaves.  I added the gates first for the base and the other items next as you can see below.

For the final touch, I adhered some soft blue glass beads around the embellishments and then across the canvas to the right side.

And there you have it.  I do hope you like this project and will give it a try.
Until next time, this is Donna wishing you happiness and plenty of sunshine.
"May your pathway be full of sunshine, joy and safety, as you travel life's journey."