Monday, October 17, 2016

Two Layouts - Boy and Girl

Hello everyone!!!!
I know it has been several weeks since I posted my last project but unfortunately my computer had been compromised and hacked.  I knew something was wrong and since my computer intelligence is not very high even at the best of times, I did not realize what was happening until a few days ago when I got a notice on my screen that this had happened.  It is now fixed and I am ready to go.
So I am going to show you a couple of layouts that I did, one suitable for a boy and one for a girl.  They are simple and very easy to do.
For the boy

For this layout I chose papers (with a rustic look)  from my bits and pieces bin and I made various tags that I layered at the right side of the layout.  For the background I first marked where I wanted my picture to go then I stenciled some red paint randomly so that it would go around the picture.  This hint of red made the picture pop out and went well with the red tag.  I made a couple of banner pieces that I placed at the upper left corner and across the strip of yellow banner type paper.  With a border stamp and black ink I stamped the upper left and bottom right corners for extra accent. I then  added some various pieces of ephemera here and there.   Below is a close-up of the tag section.

The girl layout

For this layout I selected at neutral background paper.  I cut out a 10" square from another neutral coloured paper and added that, centering it.  At the right side of the layout I made a paper collage using various papers that blended well with the background papers as well as a smaller collage at the left side of the layout.  I then added pieces of lattice chipboard which I kept in its natural colour.  I did do some stamping with black ink randomly around the layout and onto the paper collages.  I added my usual flowers and embellishments along with a white circle resin frame to the larger collage section on the right.  Again embellishments and flowers and a wooden cut out flower (embossed with white embossing powder) were added to the left side collage.  I had to cut out and tuck in some butterflies as well.   Below is a couple of closeups of the collages.

I hope you enjoy.
Until next time, this is Donna wishing you a safe and happy week.
"Our main business is not to see what lies dimly in the distance but to do what lies clearly at hand.
                                                               Thomas Carlyle