Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wood Wall Hanging

Good morning everyone!!
Today's project is a wood wall hanging.  After spring cleaning and organizing my craft room, I came across a wood box that was hidden in my closet.   Since I don't remember when I purchased it, I decided that perhaps it is time to do something with it.  It is quite nice, as the back is open and you could use it for a shadow box.  I chose to use the front flat side.  It is made with real wood.

I then applied modeling paste using a brick wall stencil over the entire surface.
For protection, I applied a good coat of clear gesso.  This will help the sprays spread easier and not soak into the wood.

After the gesso dried I sprayed with 3 colours of spray purple, pink, and turquoise making sure that I dried each colour before I applied the next.
After all the colours were applied, I embossed some platinum "utee" here and there over the surface.  This is something else I forgot that I had.  It gives a silvery shine to the surface.

And the rest is the embellishments.  I started by applying a piece of cheese cloth over the centre portion of the box.  I placed some honeycomb chipboard pieces next, a larger one at the top left corner of the cheesecloth and a smaller one coming out at the bottom.   For my picture frames I added the purple and turquoise sprays using a paint brush - one at a time then I adhered patterned paper behind - one with a bird and the other with a butterfly.  You can see the rest of the embellishments and where I placed them below.  I also die cut vines with chipboard and embossed them with a light turquoise sprarkly powder, punched butterflies which I placed one on top of the other then sprayed them with the same spray colours.  At the very end I applied Finnibair's "art stones" around the other items along with some fine turquoise sprinkles here and there.  I then dry-brushed white gesso onto the flowers to blend them with each other.
Below are snapshots of various areas of the box to show you the embellishments that were added.

And there you have it.  I did find lots of other items that I forgot that I had.  My next project is to do something with the glass bottles that I found.
Until next time, this is Donna wishing you a great day.
"The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched,
 they must be felt with the heart."


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

"Journey" Pastel 8x10 Mixed Media Canvas

Since spring is just around the corner, I created a canvas using pastel spring colours - pink, yellow, and blue.  Below is the finished canvas followed by some instructions on how I achieved it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

To start, I selected three papers and cut them into various sized pieces.  I just randomly cut them.  I adhered them to the canvas, overlapping them and crossing over each other.  I applied a coat of matte medium onto the entire surface so that the sprays I used would not soak into the paper and to give me nicer flow of the sprays.  When this was dry I applied a watered down coat of white gesso - not too thick, I didn't want to completely cover the papers.

I then applied a coat of white crackle paste randomly over the surface leaving some areas open so that the paper will still show through.

Next I selected my spray colours:  Shimmerz Egg Noggin, Jeni B. Bleu and Sweet Heart pink and sprayed here and there with each colour.

I embossed a chipboard square collage panel in a soft gold and adhered it as shown.  The two white strips across the centre are cookie sticks from the baking dept at Micheals's.  They are almost like a straw but are solid.

 For the centre section I cut a piece of paper (same as I used for the base) 3" wide x 6" long, accented the edges with the Jeni B Bleu spray and drew some random stitich lines with a black pen.  I cut another piece of the same paper 2 1/2" wide x 5 1/4" long and added this to the centre.  Onto this centre piece I tore a strip of another paper and applied it down the left side (only half way across) then I stenciled modeling paste onto the right side of the second paper piece.  I also applied the pink spray with a brush around the outside areas of the centre section.
Next I added a strip of lace down the centre (you can see it just under the chipboard flourish).  The small white doilie was next, the chipboard flourish and then a small white resin frame.

Next were the flowers, the leaves which were stamped onto vellum and cut out by hand, and a vellum butterfly.  Finally, I placed some cheesecloth under the main flowers and the frame for softness.  I adhered the centre piece with pop dots to give it a 3D look.   I also applied Finnibair small art stones here and there along with a few white pearls.  With my finger I lightly applied a gold rub here and there.  Below is a closeup of the centre section.

I hope you enjoy this newest canvas.  It is so soft and pretty using the pastel colours.
Until next time, this is Donna wishing you a great week and a Happy Easter.
"Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts."

Friday, March 23, 2018

Heritage Layout

Hello everyone!!!
Today I decided to post a heritage layout that is simple but pretty.

The background paper looks like it had the colours sponged on - not a lot of pattern on it.  I took another paper and tore three pieces from it and inked the edges.  I then took a couple of stencils and applied modeling paste to give more texture.

I put together a collage of various papers, cut in different sizes, which my picture will be adhered to.
I then punched circles from a map paper and added them to the layout as shown below.

After the picture was added I placed my embellishements starting with the chipboard trellace at the left side of the picture along with painted chipboard leaves.  I added flowers and a metal embellishment to the trellace.  I added another flower to the bottom right corner of the picture with ghost chipboard leaves and a couple of metal gears.  For the final touch I added some gold micro beads here and there onto the flowers and around the outside of the picture.  And that is it.  Kept it simple and easy.
Until next time, this is Donna wishing you a safe and delightful weekend.  Keep smiling.
"Happy Scrapping"
And for a little humour
"If you expect breakfast in bed, go sleep in the kitchen."

Monday, February 12, 2018

Journal Book Cover

I have decided that I am going to try my hand at art journaling.  I'm not sure what I will be doing.  I have been told by many people that you just go for it and put down what you are thinking at the time.  So for now I am going to show you how I did the front cover of my journaling book.  It is mixed media style using a lot of  "stuff" from my stash along with several colours of Finnibair's Alchemy metallic paints.  I will show you some of the steps to achieve the cover.

First I applied heavy white gesso on the entire surface of the cover.  I put it on pretty thick as I wanted to create a lot of texture.  I used my spatula to create the ridges.  This had to dry for several hours because of the thickness.  When the gesso was dry I applied a crackle paste from Golden directly onto the gesso and let this dry again for several hours.  It cracked really nicely and again added more texture.

After the crackle paste dried I stencilled on some modeling paste using a couple of stencils.

When everything was completely dry, I painted the entire surface using black gesso.  I then selected the various items that I wanted to add to the cover.  The picture below will show you the items:  wood decorative pieces, wood flowers, metal large decorative lock, chipboard heart and leaves, resin flowers, metal  key and gear and acrylic buttons for the centre of the wood flowers and squares of chipboard.  I then painted all the items with black gesso.

 The next step is the one that I love the most - layering the various paint colours onto the entire surface.  I first started with steampunk copper.  I dry-brushed the colour onto the surface here and there and then I followed with mermaid teal.  Below is a closeup of the first two colours.

From here I continued dry-brushing more colours.  Next was light patina, then vintage rose, fairy wings, white pearl, and plum preserves.  Lightly applying each colour is very important.  The next picture was after the vintage rose was applied.

After all the colours I wanted were applied using my finger and only on a few of the raised surfaces, I applied a bronze metallic rub from ArtO.  I used a gold rub again very sparingly onto raised surfaces.
Here is a closeup of  the centre section of the cover so that you can see the colours.  It turned out amazing and the metallic in the colours really shines.  I added a yellow glass button that you can see at the top of the lock for extra accent.

And there you have it.  The key - do not try to be too perfect with the colour application. Just brush on here and there and keep going.
Until next time this is Donna wishing you a safe and happy week.
Success lies in the journey - not the destination.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

12 x 16 Mixed Media Canvas Board

Hello everyone!!!  Happy New Year!!!!!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and the start of your New Year has been wonderful.
Today I want to share with you a 12 x 16 canvas board using many mixed media products.

 The background was created using doilies, mesh, die cut clocks, lots of modeling paste and stencils, cheese cloth, drywall tape, tissue.   It was simply a matter of layering everything onto the board and adhering everything down with mod podge.  I started off with covering the entire surface with a thin wrinkled layer of the tissue. After letting the mod podge dry I painted the entire board with a coat of white gesso to keep everything uniform.  I then sprayed using Prima sprays - blue, green, yellow and pink here and there letting each colour dry first before going to the next one.  I kept adding sprays until I had the look I wanted.
Here are a few closeups of the background to show you the texture created.

When the entire background was complete and dried I added my resin picture frame then I did my flowers around the left side of the frame.  I started in the middle and worked my way around the frame.  I tucked flowers under each other and really tried to layer them.  I dry-brushed some watered-down white gesso onto the flowers, very lightly on the edges.  Added some painted chipboard leaves here and there, a wood key (you can add almost anything you want)  then decorative pearls onto the background as shown.  I completed the bottom right corner with a small resin frame and flowers on top of cheese cloth.  And there you have it.  If you use a canvas board instead of an actual canvas, you can frame the project.

Until next time, this is Donna
wishing you a safe and happy week and keep on crafting.
"Friends fill your life with joy, your soul with sunshine and your heart with love."

Monday, November 27, 2017

"A Christmas Scene"

Good morning everyone!!!
I hope you had an amazing weekend.  Today I am going to show you a Christmas Scene that I created using a paper mache house that I found at Michael's.  It actually was meant to be a gift box and the roof actually came off.  So I glued the roof down to secure it.
Here is the scene which does look like a gingerbread house.

To start I painted the house inside and out with a good coat of white gesso.  To start the roof I applied a very thick coat of heavy white gesso making bumps and ripples as I went.  I wanted lots of texture on the roof.  I then sprinkled a fluffy snow product and lots of sparkly glitter all over the wet gesso.  I let this dry.  I let it dry overnight because of the thickness of the gesso.  After drying, I applied a product that I had for some time which was a snow texture paste.  You could actually make your own as the paste contained a granular product, probably a fine sand.  Mix some fine sand or a granular material into white texture paste and you will have the same product.  I put the snow paste heavy around the edges of the roof and built it up and again sprinkled lots of glitter onto the paste.  I then let this dry which took about half a day.  Here is a picture below and one of the roof in the beginning process.

The completed roof.  You can see the glitter.

For the upper front of the house, under the roof, I cut and applied some grunge board that made it look like aluminum siding.  I painted this red with a metallic kraft paint.  A couple of coats did the trick.  I did this on the sides of the house and the back of the house.
For the house itself I painted the main body of the house using Art Basics (Finnibair) brown rust "rust effect paste" which has a granular feel.  Using my finger, I applied the gold "rust effect" lightly onto the rust colour.  It is difficult to see in the picture but it gives it a nice very light gold glow.  I also sprayed very lightly, and only here and there,  the Colour Bloom spray "tea stain".
For the front of the house I applied a resin door that I found at Michael's along with all the other miniature pieces. For the base I used a 12 x 18 piece of canvas board.  I covered the surface of the board with white very wrinkled tissue paper, painted the tissue with heavy white gesso (again thick but not at the front of the house where the sidewalk is), more of the snow texture paste here and there and then lots of sprinkles while still wet.  I let this dry.  When everything was dry I adhered the house down with matte medium which is an excellent adhesive (lots of it to give a good grip).  I added the fence around the entire outer edge of the canvas board. 
 To begin my scene completion,  for the sidewalk, I used coloured glass blocks that I had in my stash for some time.  I then applied kraft moss onto the base around the front and sides of the house.  And the rest is the miniature pieces that I also found at Michael's.  I made  a scene around the house with the trees first.  I added a lot of heavy gesso to the trees to look like snow.  I added tiny wreaths to the front of the house and at the sides.   I also put some lighter coloured moss along the front of the house and added some white tiny stones and miniature pine cones.  Below is a picture of the front of the house.  When everything was done, I added some more snow texture paste around the edges of the house and fence, as well as across the top of the door.

And a picture of the left side of the house.

And lastly, I added some very tiny mini lights which really made everything come together.  I put the lights around the front of the house and wrapped them around the two larger trees in the front.
Here is a picture with the lights on.

I was thrilled with the way everything turned out.  It took some time but the end result was worth it.
Until next time, this is Donna wishing you a safe and happy week.
Christmas Cheer Recipe:  Combine loads of good wishes,
heartfuls of love and armfuls of hugs.  Sprinkle with laughter
and garnish with mistletoe.  Top off with presents.  Serves everyone.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

"Cherish" Layout

Good morning everyone!!!!!
I have a very simple layout for you today.  I created this using Blue Fern Studios paper, a chipboard decorative panel and a bit of background stenciling and of course some flowers and pearls.
I first stenciled some white texture paste at the upper right corner and left side edge onto the background paper.  Just enough to accent the paper collage in the centre.  For the collage I took several pieces of matching paper, cut them in different sizes and created what I call a collage.  One of the papers I cut into a strip and cut out the bottom edge to look like a banner.
I tore off a section of the background paper at the outer edges on the right side and left side.  I added a piece of white corrugated paper onto the back of the torn areas.  Added some flowers and small accents to each section.  I embossed the chipboard decorative panel with a sparkly pinkish-purple powder, added decorative pieces and flowers.  Then to finish I added a collage of flowers and decorative pieces to the bottom right side along with an embossed title.  And there you have it.  Very simple and quick.

Here is a second layout, again using Blue Fern Studios paper.
For this layout I created a paper collage for behind the picture, this time I inked the edges lightly for more accent.  I also inked the outer edges of the background paper adding a shadow effect in each corner.  I added a decorative strip with some lace to the right side of the picture.  And again chipboard vines inked with green ink and a flower collage at the left bottom corner of the picture.  Simple and pretty.

Until next time, this is Donna sending you wishes for a safe and happy week.
"Be what you are.  This is the first step toward becoming better than you are."
                                               Julius Charles Hare