Monday, October 17, 2016

Two Layouts - Boy and Girl

Hello everyone!!!!
I know it has been several weeks since I posted my last project but unfortunately my computer had been compromised and hacked.  I knew something was wrong and since my computer intelligence is not very high even at the best of times, I did not realize what was happening until a few days ago when I got a notice on my screen that this had happened.  It is now fixed and I am ready to go.
So I am going to show you a couple of layouts that I did, one suitable for a boy and one for a girl.  They are simple and very easy to do.
For the boy

For this layout I chose papers (with a rustic look)  from my bits and pieces bin and I made various tags that I layered at the right side of the layout.  For the background I first marked where I wanted my picture to go then I stenciled some red paint randomly so that it would go around the picture.  This hint of red made the picture pop out and went well with the red tag.  I made a couple of banner pieces that I placed at the upper left corner and across the strip of yellow banner type paper.  With a border stamp and black ink I stamped the upper left and bottom right corners for extra accent. I then  added some various pieces of ephemera here and there.   Below is a close-up of the tag section.

The girl layout

For this layout I selected at neutral background paper.  I cut out a 10" square from another neutral coloured paper and added that, centering it.  At the right side of the layout I made a paper collage using various papers that blended well with the background papers as well as a smaller collage at the left side of the layout.  I then added pieces of lattice chipboard which I kept in its natural colour.  I did do some stamping with black ink randomly around the layout and onto the paper collages.  I added my usual flowers and embellishments along with a white circle resin frame to the larger collage section on the right.  Again embellishments and flowers and a wooden cut out flower (embossed with white embossing powder) were added to the left side collage.  I had to cut out and tuck in some butterflies as well.   Below is a couple of closeups of the collages.

I hope you enjoy.
Until next time, this is Donna wishing you a safe and happy week.
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                                                               Thomas Carlyle

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

12 x 16 Mixed Media Canvas

Today I am going to share with you a Finnibair inspired mixed media canvas.  This canvas is loaded with a lot of goodies.  I created a very unique background which I had been planning on doing for some time.  First the canvas.

For the background.  Some of you may remember a product from Tim Holtz called "grunge" board.  This is a very pliable chipboard product that I have had for several years.  I don't know if it is still available.  This particular grunge board had a texture on it which looks like a wood design and one that had a diamond pattern on it.  I came up with a plan to create a unique background.  I first took sheets of the "grunge" board and cut it into various sizes of rectangles.  I laid them down onto the canvas, without adhering, and created a pattern, almost like a puzzle making sure that they were all evenly spaced.  I kept cutting and placing beside and below each other until I had the complete canvas covered.  I also had a package that had pre-cut squares, circles and rectangles that I also fit in here and there.  As I was particularly obsessed with spacing, at the end I cut and added some very tiny pieces to fill in some gaps.  When I was happy with the placement, I adhered them all down, one at a time, with a hot glue gun.  It was time consuming.   I added some texture paste with a spatula on several of the pieces, just randomly to give more texture.  Before the texture paste dried I added some micro beads and pressed them into the paste.
I then painted the complete surface with a coat of white gesso.
Now the fun begins.  I pulled from my stash a selection of wood pieces, metal shapes: flowers, gears, crowns, buttons, leaves etc., small paper flowers, resin shapes, chipboard and anything else that I could get my hands on.  Colour doesn't matter as the entire surface will be painted with black gesso.
I started with the centre section first which is a chipboard frame.  I adhered this to the centre by raising it up with several chipboard pieces to give it a 3D look.  I added another wood frame and other wood pieces which I layered on top of each other.  Below is a picture of the centre.

From there I started at the section above the frame.  I kept laying things down, moving things, layering items until I was happy with the result.  I then adhered the items down using "heavy matt gel" from Prima (Finnibair).  This product is amazing.  Nothing will fall off when you use this product.  I did the bottom section next below the centre frame.  Then onto the sides making sure that everything was balanced.  I also added more micro beads in and around the centre frame.
When done and everything was permanently glued down, I painted the whole surface with black gesso covering it completely.
I next mixed some of my "teal mica powder" with water and using a brush I applied it to several of the grunge pieces on the background.  What a beautiful colour.  I will list some of the Finnibair products and colours I used along with the Prima Color Bloom sprays that I used.
Then I started spraying with my sprays starting with the Tea Stain going over all the embellishments as well.  I came back with the other colours and kept layering the colours until I was satisfied.  You can always go back when you are done to add more colours.  I also used other colours of mica powders, mainly around and on the centre frame.  Then lastly I highlighted some of the items with Finnibair acrylic paints along with the micro beads that I added in.   I did end up spraying some more of the turquoise coloured spray along with the purple spray.  Such yummny stuff.  I kept going until I was happy with everything.
Products:  Finnibair mica powder - teal, blue opal magic, lilac opal magic
Finnibair acrylic paints - vintage rose, pink-blue, rich turquoise
Prima Color Bloom Sprays - tea stain, summer sky, glistening waves, iris and bit of peony
It is something that you just go for it, don't think too much about what you are doing and use your imagination as far as products that you use.
Until next time,
this is Donna hoping you will give it a try and use up some of that stash that I know we all have.
Oh yes, if you don't have "grunge" board, use thick pieces of chipboard - maybe even throw in some corrugated paper.  The sky is the limit.
"Happy Scrapping and Creating"
"The art of life is to know how to enjoy little and endure much."  Hazlet

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Handmade Lace and Silk Ribbon Flowers

Hello everyone!!!!
Sometime ago when I first starting posting blogs, I posted a short tutorial on how to make silk ribbon flowers.  It has been a very popular post.  So I decided to give you another tutorial on 
how to make these flowers.
First off you will need the following items:  silk ribbon and lace if you choose, a needle and thread, and a punched circle from cardstock that matches your ribbon colour.  Determine your size first.

Cut a strip of 1/2" wide ribbon about 36" long.  To start with, you want to stitch a long running stitch across one edge of the ribbon from end to end.  Do not tie off the thread when you get to the end.  Loosely for now, create gathers by pulling on the thread.

A glue gun works best for the next step which is to glue the ribbon to the punched circle.  My circle is about 2" for a very fluffy flower.  Starting at the outside edge, adhere the ribbon down by pulling the thread a small section at a time.  Place the glue in small sections and then move along until you have the outside edge covered with the ribbon.

Now you will move the ribbon down towards the centre, still gathering if necessary. The stitch edge of the second layer should meet with the stitched edge of the first layer.
Keep gathering the ribbon as you go.

Then you will move it again towards the centre, gluing in small sections.  Keep going until you have the entire circle covered.  When done you can add a brad, button, small flower, anything that you want to the centre to finish it off.  And there you have it.  If you make a larger one, your circle should be larger and cut a longer strip of ribbon.  The more gathers, the fluffier the flower.

Here is one I made using 1/2" antique lace.

I put together a heritage layout to show you the lace flower and how it looks.  I added the same lace at the outside edges of the layout.

Here is a closeup.

And there you have it.  I hope you will try this.  You can use wider ribbon if you wish for a larger flower.  Have fun and until next time, this is Donna wishing you a prosperous week.
I don't know if you do but
"I cook with wine.  Sometimes I even put it in the food."

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A new Mixed Media Card

Hello everyone!!!!
A few weeks ago I promised a short tutorial on creating my own background on a mixed media card.  Here is the completed card.  The large doilie is not a part of the card,

I used the following products to create this card.  I was pleased with how it turned out.

The first technique I did was to cover my card front with a generous amount of Matte Medium.  This protects the card so that the sprays and water that I used did not soak through.  It also gives better flow for the sprays and water.  I let this dry thoroughly.  I chose a light shade of yellow spray, one a bit darker yellow and a green chartreuse spray.
I sprayed the light yellow first and immediately spritzed water onto the colour.  With a paint brush I worked the spray onto the card surface.  I did the same with the darker yellow then the green making sure that I dried each colour before I went onto the next one.  I mixed some green kraft paint into modeling paste and with a vine stencil I applied the modeling paste.

To apply the circles I used the bottom of one of my sprays and pressed it onto black ink then pressed it onto the card.  I did the same using the bottom of one of my misters.  I then did some stamping, here and there,  lightly using black ink and an acrylic mesh stamp.  There you have my background.
I painted a wood decorative circle in black paint and adhered it as shown.  I then took a plain white flower and painted the light coloured spray onto the top petals and the darker yellow spray on the next row of petals.  This I placed in the centre of the wood circle and added the rest of my flowers coming out from the bottom of  it.

  A loopy bow, green leaves an embroidered flower embellishment and a green grapevine added some more character to the card.  Using a brush and some matte gel medium I added some peach-coloured glass beads around the flowers and onto some of the flowers.  Some small black gems were also added in a few places for the finishing touch.
Here is a couple of closeups.

Until next time,
this is Donna wishing you a good and prosperous week.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Good Day Everyone

This is a very quick share with you for a layout that I just completed.
I really, really love the wood design papers that you can get now.  I chose this one because I love the cream and brown tones throughout the paper.  The picture I chose ended up blending quite nicely with the background paper.
I first stencilled, in a t-shape, using a stencil with a diamond shape on it. and modeling paste.  I put together a collage of papers for the background behind my picture.  I had chipboard pieces in my stash that also had a diamond shape pattern to it.  I adhered my picture to the collage using pop dots, then I laid it down without adhering for placement of the chipboard, one at the top and one at the bottom.  When I was happy with the placement, I adhered everything down.  I also had a chipboard picture frame (I believe it is from Fab Scraps)  that I painted with white gesso.  I adhered it to the 
picture as shown to frame the adorable face of my grandaughter.
Next I added some soft creamy yellow flowers and a couple of peach coloured ones.  I tucked in some cheesecloth around the bottom left flowers for more texture.  Added some pearls here and there and a white gear.  My title I left in its original state as I thought it blended quite nicely with the wood grain of the background paper.  I added some peach coloured micro beads in and around the flowers and on the petals of some of the flowers.  I also lightly brushed some white gesso onto the flowers.
And here you have it.  Simple, yet pretty.

A close-up

Until next time,
this is Donna heading back into her work room.
and remember
You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Two Layouts for Boys

Hello everyone!!!!!  Today I am sharing two layouts that I completed which were done with the male theme in mind.  I have 5 grandsons and I am currently updating and catching up on the third one.
Here is the first layout.

The background paper is from my very old stash.  And the rest of the paper is Amy Tangerine "Plus One" which I find to be a very versatile paper.  I mounted my picture first onto the patterned paper, laid it down onto the background paper (without adhering) and then cut my papers as shown.  I always lay all my papers down first without adhering any of them and play around with them until I get the look that I want.  I painted a piece of chipboard with distress paint and added it to the left of the picture.  Added some mixed tags that I had in my tag bin and my title.  There you have it, very simple but colourful.
This is the second layout.

For this layout I took a piece of paper with the popular wood design on it and cut it into strips.  I staggered the length on some of the strips then I roughed up the edges using a distressing tool and inked them with a brown ink.  I adhered the strips to the background paper as shown.
For my papers behind the picture I used some very old scraps in my scrap bin.  I decided to use the red paper behind the picture to give it some pop.  I am usually nervous about doing that, but I went for it anyway and I rather like it.  I smudged on some white modeling paste onto the paper around the picture to give it a bit of texture.  I added some twine across the paper collage, a few metal embellishments. ephemera tags at the right side,  and my title.  And there you have it, very simple.
Until next time,
this is Donna wishing you a very
"scrap happy week"
"A boy is a magical creature - you can lock him out of your workshop,
 but you can't lock him out of your heart."

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hello everyone!!!  I am heading out to the Manor tomorrow for a relaxing weekend so I thought I would share a couple of cards with you.  
I hope to have several new items to share with you when I get back.
The first one I used a few matching papers to create a collage, added a couple of tags on the left side, then added my flowers.  The white material with the tiny square holes in it is actually the plastic sheets used for needle point.  I cut off a couple of pieces and added them as shown.  The larger turquoise flowers is actually a flower cut in half, so I put the halves peeking out from under the papers.  I like to layer things, especially paper, for me, the more layers the better I like it.

The next card below is more antique looking.   I roughed up the edges of the background paper before adhering it to the card front.  I added a strip of burlap across the card then I added another strip of paper, about 1" wide, across the bottom of the burlap.  An antique lace was placed at the bottom of the 1"  wide paper strip.  And lastly I added the flowers and other embellishments along with a loopy bow with fine cording.  The crocheted circle at the top of the flowers is actually cut from an old doilie I had.  Gives the card an extra touch of texture.

That's all for now.  Until the next time,
this is Donna wishing you a safe and happy weekend.
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