Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Great storage solutions have arrived!

Do you have a lot of stickles bottles (or similar bottles) that are hard to store while you're not using them?  How about knowing what you have and when you've run out of those important colours?  This is the storage bin that's perfect to solve those issues!!!  Now in stock and will be online very soon.

Here are some more details about this great product!
This Exclusive Design by Scrapbook Corner® will allow the discerning crafter to keep track of their opened and unopened Stickles Glitter Glue Bottles and conveniently store up to 48 different colors in a rugged Artbin Super Satchel®. Easy to transport with sturdy handle for use on the go or at home.
Size:14 inches wide X 14.5 deep and 3.5 inches high and a Double Locking Lid
Additional Details:
Storing the Glue Bottle upside down keeps the applicator tube Clear and any air in the Bottle  will rise to the inverted position at the bottom preventing drying out. Our Glitter Glue Organizer is Patent Pending With a unique design that clicks the Glitter Glue Bottle into to the tray when inverted and will prevent it from falling out of position when turned upside down in its carrying case. This means no matter how you transport your case to your next Crop your product will arrive safely.
What about those metal dies that are hard to find storage for?  Check out what else is now in stock!!
The EZ Magnetic Storage System::
We have this now available in store with the standard size kit as well as the mini kit and inserts to fit both sizes of binder.  We'll have it online Thursday and it's now available in store:)

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