Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New Sketch

Hello everyone!!!!  Donna here with a new sketch for you.  My computer has been acting funny lately.  It is very old and now it is making noises.  Time for a new one.  I decided to give you this new sketch I did (with measurements) before my computer completely quits on me.  Below is the sketch.

And here is a layout I did using the sketch.  To do these layouts that have lots of paper pieces I select three designs and then at the very end I sometimes add a fourth.
I first select my picture and the size of the picture that I want.    The one shown is 4" wide x 6" long.  For this layout I selected my background 12 x 12 paper then cut 
and centered another pattern (9 3/4" square) onto it.
I begin by cutting the main paper first (which is the flowered  7 1/2" square one behind the picture).  I place my picture onto the page without adhering.  Then I begin cutting the other papers and start tucking them in and around the picture.  There is a lot of layering of papers and I like the look of  a piece of paper peeking out from under another.  When placing your paper pieces, I find it better to place a small amount of adhesive in the centre of each piece as other pieces will be tucked under the edges.  You can adhere the rest of the pieces after when you have all your pieces in place.

Until next time,

And of course, here is another "Quote of the Day" for you.  I chose this one as I have finally completed my gardens at my house from the front to the back.  Everyone knows how I love my flowers.
"Give me at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers 
where I can walk undisturbed"  Whitman

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