Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fun and Easy Gelatos

Hello everyone!!!!!  Have you heard of "Gelatos"??  For those who haven't, they are actually crayons that dissolve very well with water so that you can blend them.  It is as simple as that.  I decided to try something a little different using Gelatos and embossing folders. I saw this on another web site so I thought I would try it and share it with you.   I cut out some banner flags in various sizes.  Most of them were a lot larger than the usual.  I then placed them into different Cuttlebug embossing folders to get that patterned texture.     Below is what you will need to complete the flags.

And these are the banner tags after embossing them.  I used a different pattern for each.

Now for the Gelatos.  Choose your colours then rub the gelatos onto the tags in random places.  Now spray some water onto your table or craft mat and wet your finger.  Now rub your finger onto the gelatos and blend the colours.  Keep putting water on your finger and blending the colours.  You can see below the right side of the flag has been blended and the left side has not.  Instead of wetting your finger you can LIGHTLY spray  water directly onto the flags, then rub with your finger.  I like to "wet my finger method" as I find sometimes if I spray too much water onto the paper, it can cause the paper to get rough and small balls of the paper will form.

Below is three of the flags completely blended.  If you want to add another colour after you have blended the others, you can, just put some more gelatos onto the paper then dip your finger in water and blend.

And yes, we need a layout to show you how I used the banner flags.

For this layout I did do something extra using the gelatos.  I first stamped a border stamp around the outside edges of the pages including the centre edges.  I then took blue and pink gelatos and rubbed the pink first onto the edge of the background cardstock, then the blue then the pink and so on.  Using water I blended the two colours together.
Here is a closeup of the bottom left corner of the first page to show the border and the banner flag placement.  I selected Gelatos colours that matched the colours in the papers.  You can see how embossing the flags and blending the colours gives them a whole new look.

Again, I hope you enjoy.  Try the gelatos,  You can accent lots of items.
Until next time
My quote of the day
"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."  Robert Brault

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