Thursday, September 18, 2014

A New Sketch

Since I haven't posted a sketch for a while I decided I would share this one with you along with a layout based on this sketch.  I have included some measurements for you.  When you see lines and some circles drawn in some of the sections - this simply means this is one piece of patterned paper.  That way you can see better where the papers start and end.  Again, referring to the picture of the layout is the best way to see the various papers and their placements.


I have found that using multiple papers with different designs, you can do simple embellishments, especially for a cute little boy layout.   I  used the navy paper to act as an accent for the pictures.  I always try to make sure that each paper has pretty much the same colours in them, 
however, the navy paper did give it a bit of a punch.  I made sure that I had it in two other spots.  
I tied some thread through the buttons and adhered them to the flags.  For a girl layout instead of buttons add some flowers.  Take this basic sketch and make it your own.
Until next time,
to all you 
"The world is an incredible unfulfilled tapestry.  And only you can fulfill the tiny space that is yours."

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Helen said...

LOVE it Donna!