Monday, July 06, 2015

9 x 12 Canvas

Today I thought I would share with you a couple of canvases.  They are 9" x 12" which is my favourite size to use.  I used some mixed media techniques on both and have included some closeups of sections of the canvases.

The background for this one, above,  was created using various sprays, stamps and stencils.  I backed the frame in the centre with pieces of paper and then added them using pop dots.   I had a quote block in my stash which I adhered to the back of the frame in the centre.  You could also add a picture.   I added some glitter at the bottom right corner and at the side of the flowers at the upper left corner.  I also inked the sides with a brown ink to define the edges.  I made the large flowers using paper doilies.  A picture tutorial is at the end of this blog on how I made them. Very easy.
A couple of closeups

For the next canvas I used the same technique with the sprays for the background.  I did place a thick coat of heavy gesso using a spatula onto the canvas first which gave it more texture.  Using moulding paste and a word stencil, I added this to the background.

I cut strips of various patterned papers, tore the ends on a slant, then layered them .  I also used some honeycomb chipboard pieces which I embossed first with white embossing powder.  After I completed the entire canvas, I added some dimensional pearls to the honeycomb chipboard.  The centre decorative piece is   embossed  with white embossing powder.  I cut out the flowers in the centre from a patterned paper and adhered it to the back of the frame.  I also layered some papers behind the frame and used pop dots to adhere to the canvas.  Added my flowers as shown making sure that they were in the same colours as the sprays that I used.
A couple of closeups

Doilie flower tutorial:  First you will need a doilie.  I used a 5" doilie for my flowers.
Fold the doilie in half and crease so that you get the centre.

Next, unfold the doilie and pinch the centre of the doilie with your fingers, which you see below.
Holding the pinched point turn it upright and carefully begin adjusting and fluffing the doilie to create ruffles and to get it how you would like.  If you want you can add some glue at the centre, but I found it was not necessary.  I then took some glimmery paint (two colours) and painted the centre of the flower.  When this was dry I added and adhered another small paper rose to the centre.  And there you have it.  I will mention when I adhered it to my project I nipped off the pinched point on the bottom first so it laid flatter.  I knew once it was adhered down the flower would not come apart.

And there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed.  Please give the doilie flower technique a try.  I bet you will find yourself making lots of them.
Until next time
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