Sunday, January 12, 2014

Organza Ribbon Flower

Hello everyone!!!!!  I am going to share with you a very simple organza ribbon flower technique.  This is one of my fav's.  You can sit by the TV and make a bunch of these for use later on - on most anything. 
Here is a layout I did using this flower.

 All you need is organza ribbon, needle and thread and a punched circle to match the colour of your ribbon.  I used a 1" wide ribbon.  You can use any width.  The wider, the larger your flower.

Measure out a strip of ribbon about 36" long.  The longer your strip, the fuller your flower. You want to stitch a long running stitch along one straight edge of your ribbon.

Do not tie off the thread just yet when you get to the end.  Now using a hot glue gun (works faster and holds firmly)  you will adhere the ribbon to the punched circle starting at the outside edge.  You will make the ruffles as you go by pulling the thread.  Apply a small amount of the glue then press the ribbon onto the glue.  Keep going until you have completely gone around the outside of the circle.

Now place some glue below the stitched edge of the first layer. Continue pulling the thread to make ruffles and adhere the ribbon around until you get to the centre.  Secure in place at the centre. 

Now you can add something to the centre of the flower.   The one on the layout has a single white pearl.  The one for the tutorial I added white cording and placed a large glitter button at the centre.  You can add almost anything.  And there you have it - very easy and fast.

Here is a closeup of the flower on the layout. 

Really, you can use any ribbon - doesn't have to be organza.  I plan on making more and use different mediums to add to the flower.  Oh, yes I will share these with you soon.  Until then

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