Saturday, April 05, 2014

My Sketch #2

Hi everyone!!!  Donna here with another sketch for you as promised.  Okay, to begin with, I decided to sort out my box of scrap patterned papers that I said I was going to do.  This is what I started with.

So I began sorting and making piles based on colours.  I did not worry too much about patterns because you don't know until you start putting the page together just what patterns you will like together.
Here are a couple of piles of papers that I put together.

I decided to use the blue pile.  Below is the free hand sketch that I did for you.

And below this is the start of the layout.

I first placed my doilie down.  You can also cut out a large circle in place of the doilie.  Then I cut the main strip that is over the doilie.  I only adhered the doilie and the top part of the main strip.  Then I began cutting my pieces as shown on the sketch and placed them around the page, without adhering  them down.  This is so I can make changes as I go before the final gluing.  I did add some other pieces as I went along as I found that I wanted some darker pieces to give the layout some depth.  As you can see I used several different patterns.  I added some flowers and vines.  Since there are pink flowers in the dress my granddaughter was wearing, I added some pink flowers to the layout as well.  Because of the different patterns I find that I don't need as much embellishments - I let the layout and picture speak for itself.  Here is the finished layout.

When I look at the picture and see my gardens in the background, I really cannot wait for spring and summer.  I has been a long winter!!
  Until next time
I'll be talking to you soon.

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