Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Mixed Media Album Cover continued.....

Hello everyone!!!!   Donna is here again with a continuation of my mixed media album cover tutorial that I posted on May 3rd.
I finally completed the back cover.  I used the same chipboard as I used on the front cover.  For the binding at the centre I cut a piece of chipboard the same length as the covers x 2" wide.  I then put the two together  with the 2" binding piece on the left side of the back cover and making sure they were very close together I adhered a piece of  wide duck tape from top to bottom.  I then flipped the piece over so that the binding piece was on the right side.  This is now the front side of the pieces.  I adhered the front cover to the centre binding after I completed the remaining back and binding pieces.
Basically what I did was I did the same procedure on the back cover with the kraft paints in the same colours.  I applied the green first, then the yellow, then the blue and lastly a bit of pink to give it pop.   I only painted the blue onto the binding piece.  When completely dry I used my mists in the same 3 colours - turquoise, vibrant green and pink.  For the binding I sprayed with the turquoise spray and with a paper towel I lightly dabbed some of the spray off to give a more mottled look.  I did the same with the green spray.
Here is the result.

Next I applied my moulding paste with the burlap stencil as I did on the front cover.  I let this dry and gave it a light spray with the turquoise mist.  For the binding I covered the entire surface using the moulding paste and the burlap stencil.
Next I applied the glass beads using  the rays stencil as on the front cover.  I matched the stencil to the stencilled area on the front cover on the inside edge.  I laid the stencil down onto the binding and the back cover piece.  I then applied the beads to the binding first then over onto the back cover.  You can see with the picture below while the glass beads are still wet where I placed the glass beads.

I let this dry completely, and again the beads dried clear with the colours underneath coming through.
I then added my butterflies as I did on the front cover and stamped around the outer edges with the border stamp and the vine stamp.

When everything was completely dry I turned the piece over to the wrong side and turned the front cover over to the wrong side.  Place the front cover on the left side of the centre binding and keeping them very close adhere another strip of the duck tape to hold them together.  I will be covering the duck tape when I complete the inside of the covers.
I plan on making a trip album using this cover so I have lots more to share with you as I complete the inside pages.  Below is the cover when they are all attached to each other. 
 I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

I hope you enjoyed the completion of my cover.  And I will keep you posted  as to how the inside pages are coming along.   I'll be doing a bit more mixed media on them.  Oh yes, mix some beige paint with the glass beads and guess what you have - "sand".  I will be using this on one of the inside pages later on.

"Quote of the Day"
"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home 
and rests his head on his old familiar pillow."  Lin Yutang
Until next time

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