Monday, October 28, 2013

Mixed Media On Canvas

Hello everyone!!!!  I am amazed at how popular "mixed media" has become.  It is fun, quicker than you think, and allows you to do your own thing using products that you never thought of using.  The following canvas is my first attempt at mixed media.
I used a 9 x 12 canvas, music paper, different colours of kraft paint, gesso, cheese cloth, moulding paste, a stencil,  butterflies cut out from a paper napkin, and matte mod podge.  Here is how I got the effect I wanted.  I knew I wanted to place a picture of the rain forest in Panama that I had taken when I visited there.  So I selected tropical colours (yellow, turquoise, line green and a pink) kraft paint.  I first painted the entire surface of the canvas with white gesso to prepare the surface for the kraft paint.  I always start by using the lightest colour to the darkest colour.   I then took the yellow paint and in long strokes I applied the paint from the top to the bottom in strips then horizontal strips across the canvas (do not completely cover the canvas).  Let each colour dry before applying the next one.
Next I took the lime green and did the same in strokes up and down then across, and then the turquoise paint in the same manner.
When I was finished, I decided to apply a bit of pink very lightly in small sections.  This gave it a little more depth.

When the paint was dry, I applied a thin coat of matte mod podge to seal the colours.  I used the matte mod podge as versus the glossy as it dries to a dull finish and I knew I wanted to mist with some sprays to add texture.  The sprays do not adhere too well to the glossy mod podge but they will to the matte mod podge.
Next I took a sheet of music patterned paper and cut out 3 sections.  I tore around the outer edges and rolled the pieces up into a ball to create wrinkles.  I then took the pieces, gently opened them up (keeping a lot of wrinkles) and adhered them to the canvas using the matte mod podge.  Apply a thin coat of the mod podge to the surface of the paper which will keep the wrinkles.  I placed the paper at the upper right corner, bottom right corner, and at the left side edge. You can also wrap the paper around the edges if you like.
I then (again with the mod podge) adhered a piece of cheese cloth on a slant in the middle of the canvas.  Again I applied the mod podge to the surface as well.

And lastly my final texture was done by using moulding paste.  I took a stencil and applied the paste using a spatula.  Simply spread the paste thinly over the surface of the stencil, lift up the stencil and allow the paste to dry.  You can speed up the drying time by using a heat gun.  Not too close - you do not want to burn it.
I applied the paste to the upper left corner, just above the music paper at the right side edge and just slightly over the music paper at the left side edge.
And this is what it looks like.  Doesn't look too good right now.  Next step - my sprays.  When everything was completely dry I started with a green spray - just here and there (mainly on the moulding paste and cheese cloth) let it dry then I sprayed with a pink colour (mainly on the music paper) let it dry.  And lastly I sprayed wherever with a turquoise spray.  I used the Heidi Swapp shine sprays which comes in very bright colours.  And lastly the butterflies.  I actually cut these out from paper serviettes that I had.  The colours were exactly what I wanted.  I carefully cut them out and applied only the top layer of the butterfly using the mod podge.  I had to be careful as the butterflies were very thin.  Finally, I applied a coat of the mod podge over the entire surface to seal everything.  And below is the completed canvas before embellishments.
Mixed media for me is all about layering and texture.
I hope I wasn't too long-winded.  I wanted to make sure that I covered each step that I did.
Until next time

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