Sunday, October 06, 2013

Textured Pictured Frame

Good Day everyone!!!  On one of my "browsing" stores day, I found a product at an artist's supply store called Nepheline Course Gel by Tri Art.  It is a gel with a very grainy texture.  So I purchased it took it home and came up with the idea to create a textured surface on a picture frame.  You know the mat frames that you can get in a picture frame kit.  I used one of those, the gel, and metallic paint.  You can also purchase these frames on their own.   Here is how I did it.

You will also need a spatula and paint brush. To start, I painted the surface of the frame with the Decoart (colour: "worn penny") metallic paint.  You can use any paint but I chose the metallic paint because I wanted to use the frame on a heritage page.  Let the paint dry. 
 Do a second coat if you think you need it.

I then took some of the gel and mixed the metallic paint into it.

Next, with the spatula, I applied the gel to the frame in sections.  I did not completely cover the whole frame.  Use your heat gun to dry the gel.  It will dry in no time.  
When it was completely dried, with my finger, I applied some Inka gold metallic rub onto the raised parts of the gel to give it some highlights.  You can use paint as well but just go lightly.
And lastly, here is a layout I did using the frame.  The one on the layout is smaller than the demonstration one.  I will use the larger one on another project later on.  Maybe you will see it on another one of my tutorials.

Here is a closeup of the frame on the layout.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.

While I was posting this tutorial, I came up with another idea for using this gel.   I will post it in another week or so.  Until then,   HAPPY SCRAPPING!!!!!

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MaryAnn said...

looks so pretty....thanks for the inspiration